The Victory Zone

The Victory Zone was introduced to commend and support our family for their strong efforts and persistence within each of their own unique crafts.
By doing so, we believe we can cultivate a community of Destined Victors; who may even inspire you to start (or continue) your own craft! 

Want your place in The Victory Zone?

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•If we see your hunger to win,
your place will be reserved.




-Sophie Goh-

Sophie has a passion for creating physical, sculpted art ranging from her Japanese-style masks to fabric experimentation. She develops her craft further by directing, filming and editing vibrant videos, turning her masks into playful characters in ever-adventurous worlds.


-George Robson-

George is an urban portrait photographer who has shot for a series of well-known artist from Tion Wayne to Krept and Konan. He is able to conceptualise and capture the emotions exerted by his subjects and their environments confidently, producing sleek and immersive photographs on film. 


-Mo Hussain-

From a home-grown haircutting hobby to creating his own barber brand, Mo continues to materialise his vision of ‘reaching for perfection’ with sheer persistence. By using every haircut as "an opportunity to brighten someone’s day," his customers’ satisfaction motivates him to complete every job with precision and a fresh finish.